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The best moments in life are made for sharing, that's why we created STREAMR, a unique social audio device that lets you stream your audio with an unlimited number of people around you via the latest Bluetooth technology.   

STREAMR is made for sharing, that's why we've designed four stunning colors so you can tell which one is yours and match it to your personal style. 

STREAMR works super simple (although it took a lot of effort to get us there). You simply connect the first STREAMR to your phone/laptop/tablet with Bluetooth like you would any other headset. And then the magic happens! The first STREAMR turns into, well, a streamer! And other STREAMRS around it pick up on the signal with the exact same audio without any delay.

You're now ready to enjoy your favorite audio with your favorite people. Share a movie on a plane, start an impromptu silent disco in the subway with your friends or huddle around a Zoom call with crystal clear sound.  


STREAMR works with any regular set of headphones if you've already got your favorites that you're not ready to part ways with. STREAMR's high-end Bluetooth chips and microphone give you crystal clear wireless audio, giving you perfect conference call audio on headphones that originally didn't even have a mic


We're also including a single earbud that's purposefully designed for STREAMR when you need to quickly answer a call or store it with one hand. Using a powerful, tiny magnet it clips onto your STREAMR so you always have your audio within reach. 


The magnetic earbud fits snug in your ear and the cable is optimized for a shorter length, making it a great tangle-free option to use during workouts.

 If you want to pick up a phonecall hands-free, just give STREAMR a tap anywhere on the device, it's super simple.  


We've searched high and low for the very best components because we want you to enjoy your STREAMR for years to come. We see our fair share of shoddily engineered Bluetooth