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The perfect combination of a fixed leash and a retractable leash

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We're Shanghai based Moestar, a design studio for pet products.

Our philosophy

Walking our dog, we ran into a problem every dog owner will recognize, the 'leash-dilemma'. Do you use a safe, but limited traditional leash or a retractable leash that gives your dog more space to roam, but without much control when your pooch is 30 foot away. That's why we've created UFO Leash, a patented, circular dog leash with a built-in torch, jerk-free bungee cord, and more.

Why UFO Leash?


This isn't our first rodeo! We've already successfully manufactured over 15.000 units of our first-gen product so we know how to mass produce and deliver.


We've tested, tested and tested things to make sure UFO Leash is ultra-durable. The part that most frequently wears out is the end part where dogs can chew. We've made sure this part is replaceable.


We're committed to reducing single-use plastics in our packaging and shipping. We're using as little as possible and our shipping partner, packs as flat and air-free as possible.

What's so special about the design?


The circular design ensures you have your hands free when you need to. Tie your shoelace, carry groceries or answer that important email without compromising control.

Bungee cord that's interwoven with ultra-durable nylon at the end of the leash smooths out sudden jerks. This is much better for your dog's back and neck, and safer for you so you won't be knocked over, making UFO Leash squirrel-sighting proof.

Built-in ring light and a powerful torch ensure you are visible at night for joggers & drivers. The torch is perfect if you need to act as doggie dentist extracting a cigarette butt from their mouth in the dark.

Choose between city mode or adventure mode to let your pooch roam free -- or not.

UFO Leash has two modes for any type of walk, City Mode and Adventure Mode. Switching is as easy as sliding the secure switch button in the handle.

City Mode locks your leash at a short, safe length of your choice. It acts just like a traditional leash because in addition to the fixed length, you can use the leash hands-free. The bungee cord ensures you can safely put your hand through the ring to use it hands-free. If your pupper decides to pull, the elastic infused nylon will absorb the shock. That's much better for your dog's back and neck


When you hit a park or green space without traffic, you can use the adventure mode. This offers your dog space to explore but without being able to go too far. A standard retractable leash is 30ft long (that's 9 meters, metrics lovers) and we think that's way too long to be safe. So while adventure mode gives more room for exercise and play, we're keeping a leash on things by making sure your doggo won't wreak havoc on the other side of the park.


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