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The final headphones you'll ever buy.

Finalace are a neckband headphones with 2 binaural microphones that provide immersive 3D spatial audio and 1 vocal microphone for voice recording. A powerful free app transcribes your calls and offers high-end customization like EQ and reverb settings, making it the perfect headphones for 3D sound, content creation, music, telephone calls and watching sports or live streams..

We're launching on Kickstarter soon, and the first backers get Finalace at just $79 instead of $199, but spots are limited.

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What is binaural audio?

Finalace is a binaural audio recording headphones, which means that it picks up sound exactly as it enters your ears. Video and audio recorded with Finalace sound just like you experienced it in real-life. This makes for extremely engaging and immersive audio that you don't get with other regular single-microphone headphones.

Earbud & mic in one

The secret to Finalace is in the earbuds, which have the microphones built in. This ensures that audio is captured at the same level as your ears, and in transparency mode lets you hear important sounds around you.

Noise suppression & transparency

Finalace isn't just great for recording your voice, it's also a fantastic necklace headphone for music with background noise reduction. Digital transparency mode lets you choose how much or how little you want to hear from the outside world, making it the perfect headphone for sports, travel and work.

Work & learn from anywhere

Have remote conferences in public with Finalace reducing ambient noise allowing the other party to hear you crystal clear. You can also use it to learn a foreign language since you can hear your own pronunciation when you’re reading.

Made for artists

Whether you love singing or to riff out a chord, Finalace has the ultimate microphones for music and content creation. Use EQ, reverb and other recording functionalities to up your vocal game.


Live on Kickstarter soon

The first backers get up to 60% discount when we launch, but spots are limited, so make sure to subscribe today to find out when we launch to secure your Finalace for just $79.

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