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The Allerxis Gluten Sensor is a highly sensitive device that measures the exact quantity of gluten inside your food.


Join the party -- literally -- by first scanning birthday bites with the Allerxis Gluten Sensor.

Our philosophy

Give yourself the experience you’ve denied yourself for so long. Go out to grab some food and enjoy a carefree dinner with the Allerxis Gluten Sensor.

How it works

Take a sample

Take a sample of your meal and put it in the tester.


Allow the Allerxis Gluten Sensor to do its work. It only takes 2 minutes!


Know the exact amount of gluten in your food.

What we believe

You would be surprised how prevalent gluten are in everyday kitchens. Even restaurants that offer gluten-free options still run a big risk of gluten cross-contamination. There are currently no portable gluten sensors on the market, which makes it impossible for gluten intolerant people to go out and enjoy a meal. Allerxis created a portable gluten sensor that actually tells you how much gluten (if at all) a meal contains.

Portable gluten sensors are notoriously difficult to produce. There are many facets that can influence the sensor negatively, which is why other companies have not yet succeeded in creating one. After five years, Allerxis can finally share the groundbreaking news that they succeeded in producing a fully working — and highly accurate — prototype. Allerxis is launching an Indiegogo campaign in Q2 2021 to fund mass production.

Allerxis is a science-driven biochemical tech company committed to developing IoT devices/systems for biochemistry examination.

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